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    An educational program that will not only change lives, but save them!

Our Mission

  • 'Bullying Ends Here' was created after the suicide of Jamie HUBLEY who was relentlessly bullied for years. This educational program picks up the message that Jamie worked hard to spread, the message of acceptance and understanding.

    'Bullying Ends Here' is a one hour presentation for youth or adults and aimed at all forms of bullying including cyberbullying. 'Bullying Ends Here' is requested around the world for its award winning presentation and proven results to not only change lives, but save them!

    * In memory of Jamie HUBLEY 1995/11/23 - 2011/10/15 *


How it works?


Book a Presentation

Presentations are for ages 11 through to Corporate events


The Presentation

Presentations are typically one hour and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


Bullying Ends Here is a program designed to remain relevant in everyone’s life for years to come. Our hope is that individuals within the audience will be inspired enough to reach out and either seek help or help those that need it most in their lives. These individuals are always welcome to message us through the website at any time to seek direction or advice. We check emails daily and always respond as soon as we can!

The lessons learned by the true stories shared are meant to inspire others to choose the positive, individual change. We appreciate that, with time, memories fade and sometimes we revert back to some negative ways.

Bullying Ends Here will always be here to help support those individuals through the website, posters within the school or continuing to direct to the appropriate resources available in their area. Oftentimes, Bullying Ends Here tries to return to the school where continued connections are built upon.

Bullying Ends Here is also committed to growing the program to include lesson plans, training and professional direction and advice in the coming months. Please do not hesitate to connect with us at any time to inquire further.

See also our resources page.